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A community of undergrads at Stan State aiming to foster and cultivate technical interest in the Central Valley. The opinions expressed on this website are the club's own and do not reflect the views of Stan State.

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We utilize Discord to share announcements and disseminate opportunities in tech, cybersecurity, and research.

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Events & Meetings

We utilize Instagram to share announcements and showcase posts about our meetings and other events.

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From the Computer Science Club Org. 📰

We've gone Open Source ❗️

Hello everyone! The CS Club has made this website available to the public and has made it open source! The cs club's website is currently hosted at the url above.

What is Open Source? 🤔

The term open source refers to any program whose source code is made available for use or modification as users or other developers see fit.

What is Github?

Github is a collaboration tool and is used by developers of all skills and experience levels to contribute to developing world-class software. (Ex: React, Bootstrap, Linux, TensorFlow)

Who can contribute?

Anyone can start to contribute to Open Source! Contributing to open source helps developers get hands-on experience to know how to collaborate with other devs across the world.

Where do I begin? 🫣

Anywhere, what matters, is you try it yourself. For beginners, use the Github quickstart guide and will help you get everything set up and introduce you to a lot of things.

Specifically for this project, what do I do?

Run through the following github instructions at least once to understand how to make your first contribution to open source.

  1. Fork the project
  2. Clone the forked project
  3. Checkout a "username/name-of-feature-or-issue" branch off of development
  4. Work on Code! Commit your code and push up to your forked project
  5. Raise a Pull Request and make sure to tag the #issue

CS LAB is finally OPEN!

Hello everyone! We wanted to share a quick announcement. The computer science lab (cs lab-DBH 288) is finally open! For those of you who are new to Stan State, the CS Lab has been the place to hangout. If you run into one of the officers, remember to say hi! 😁
CS Lab operating times:

Monday - Thursday: 8AM - 5PM
Friday: 8 AM - Noon

First blog post of Fall 2022

Hello everyone! Welcome to a brand new semester at Stan State. We are the Computer Science Club! This semester, our focus is community engagement and fostering a healthier community within CS. This brand new page is part of this new initiative. As part of this new initiative, we encourage you to check out every inch of this site, try to break it, and get familiar with it. We are open to feedback and suggestions on what else you want to see on this page. We are working on filling out some resources for you all now. FYI, this page will attempt to reflect a portion of what can be found inside the CS Club Discord Server. If you have not done so, please join our community! As of now, we would've already had our first CS Club Meeting. We will soon make a post on the upcoming dates and announcements. Thank you all! ^_^


Hi, welcome to Stan State! 👋🏼 Whether you are a freshman or a transfer student, we've curated the best resources to prepare you for a career after college. We made it our goal to tailor guides and other resources to encompass the unique experiences and proven methods our current students and alums have gone through to land jobs after graduation. We hope these resources serve you well in your pursuit of becoming a professional in a career of your choice.

Graduation Requirements ✅

Students that are interested in tracking their degree progress to ensure they stay on track to graduate in 4 years, can checkout the following guide made by a peer that is about to graduate on time.

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🔥Definitive 4-Year Guide to a Computer Science Degree at Stan State🔥

Students that are interested in learning more about Software Engineering or have a general interest in achieving a job right out of college should check out this guide! The guide was written by a couple of alumni and has been peer reviewed by some of our best faculty and student advocates.

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Definitive Guide to Building Your Brand & Networking at Stan State 📘

Students that are interested in being proactive about their own career but are not too interested in Software Engineering while find this guide worthwhile. The guide supplements the 4-Year Guide to SWE at Stan State, but on it's own, can be a powerful resource for students to acquaint themselves with developing their personal brand.

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